JUNE 12th 2020 - RESCHEDULED Garden Grove show date!

Hang in there everyone! We'll see you on the other side of this!


Unknown said...

Just as the punk culture was coming back to Garden Grove. The government decides to push their Agenda. Play an underground show!

Purv said...

Well if any one band would have the balls to stand up against this bullshit and play a fucking show I thought it would have been you.
"Eliminate the liberal faction abolish affirmative action" ?? Wtf. It's just a flu play a gucking gg before we are all dead
I had a heart attack for God sakes and now IAM doubting how close I can stand to the stage to watch you all play
Your truly my favorite band. Play a gig please.

Purv said...

I don't know what may have transpired in all your life's in this time. So I could be all wrong and there could be something that I don't know that's not allowing you all to jam. So just let that be known.
But on the other hand if you all are all good and healthy than let's lay a gig. Charge 10 bucks a head a make some money. Have it at someone's pad or somewhere that says fuck you to gavin new some and play

Purv said...

So about me. .....
I sell plumbing supplies , played high school football, same honey ,Stacy, for last 20 + years. . First came across SP when I was working at home depot and this young Skin who worked there said check out this band . And I paid no attention. Ffwd10 years new job new city. Anaheim gheto. But cool. I was playing ppv on that was Live at DiPiazzas.
And we, my lady and I, were like fuck ya. Then to top it off Sean Mallard was playing guitar. We grew up watching him in Evasive Action . And we also chilled with his crew so thatwas totally dope.
Since then, I been to as many shows I could. Bought pretty much all recordings. Julia was kind enough to sign a few cds at TKO . I had my pic taken with Jon back stage at the observatory ,.You guys hit the Bulls Eye on bad ass punk band. Peace out